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Our Strategy

Our team will provide you with the highest level of customer service. We pride ourselves on being personally available 7 days a week via our mobile numbers, text and email to answer any questions or concerns.  

Buying a home is a daunting and sometimes scary task.  Our agents are experts in the market and can help you determine which criteria is realistic and important to target in your preferred home.  We are well versed in the financial requirements of buying a home and can be your check and balance when dealing with a bank. We have access to every listing that hits the market and even hundreds of listings every year before they hit the market.  Most importantly, we “think outside the box” when it comes to making an offer on a home. This is extremely important when competing against other buyers in a competitive market. In a multiple offer situation, many times our buyers will secure the home even though they are not the highest bid.  If our buyer is the only bid, we can negotiate a better price by alleviating seller’s concerns.

Our strategy is broken down into four easy stages:

Searching for Your Home

  • Determine if buying a home is right for you
  • Connect you with a trusted lender to get approved for a loan and to alleviate any financial concerns.  This will make the costs and payments clear and will help determine your comfortable price range. If you have your own preferred bank, we are independent and work with all banks.  
  • Establish your home search criteria
  • View homes that fit your criteria
  • Receive immediate updates on or before new homes hit the market within your criteria.  

Making an Offer

  • Research the value of your prospective home
  • Obtain a good faith estimate from your bank and review it for closing costs, down payment, and monthly payments
  • Discuss offer strategies
  • Obtain pertinent information needed prior to writing the offer
  • Write the offer
  • Present contract to the listing agent or seller.  
  • Handle counter-offers, rejections, or negotiations

Coordinating Pre-Settlement Activities

  • Inspections – home inspection, radon test, chimney inspection, etc
  • Receive HOA or condo documents for your review
  • Select title company to conduct settlement and title search
  • Full financing commitment including appraisal from your bank
  • Termite inspection
  • Location survey
  • Purchase homeowners insurance
  • Place utilities in your name

Settling on Your Home

  • Pre-settlement walk through
  • Gather items needed for settlement
  • We will personally attend to make sure you have a representative.